Safest tour to incredible India during pandemic

Decided and planned to go on a excursion to ‘Heart of India’. Beauty of India, Habitat of Tigers, State of forest , Home of Pandavs and Touch of nature belongs to it.

Loaded the car weighing 100 to 120 kg. Set the engine into auto mode and speed at 100km/hr ,hoping everyone comfortable with the drive.

10 am we initiated our journey and ended our drive around 4 to 4 30pm at my first halt. Firstly we reached the historic city of India, city of Laxmi bai called Jhansi ,it is located on the border of MP and UP.The Jhansi fort is renowned for its lady Manikarnika, other name of jhansi ki rani though it’s a ruined fort established since 1613 however the location and surroundings are breathtaking and history attached to this make it a remarkable monument and tourist attraction.

Jhansi fort

Next day again we started our journey at 10 a m with a flawless drive on Highways and speed at 100km /hr. Experienced Enroute the river Betwa and Kalpi joins Yamuna to meet mahasagar ,are surrounded by hills, forest, streams flowing through the steep ghatis, jungle trails and waving farms of mustard, wheat, rice allowing the nature to breathe openly . Long trails of even roads made our journey more relaxed and comfortable.

Kalpi river

Finally at 4 30pm we reached our destination but next day early morning again we have to start for the jungle ride to satpura forest tiger reserve. The jungle of Satpura scattered around 1500sqkm through out the central India enclosed by Satpura hills. Drive of 3 to 4 hrs was very adventurous, excited and full of enthusiasm ingrhalt us into a Satpura Tiger reserve, located in the mouth of Denwa river with crystal clear water ,in addition to this the O2 level is at peak and pollution level is zero, we were in no mask zone to inhale the pure air. Took the steamer and cross the river to hire gypsy for safari. The gypsy ride through out the jungle was like a roller coaster to us .Entering through the dark bushes where the brightness of sunshine sieve- in between the trees and wandering through the branches of fine wood sagun trees.Amid safari we came across many spider web, ghost trees, almond trees ,tendu leave trees, mahua trees and cuddoplant almond trees (chironji). Ghost trees was an eye catcher, flattered it’s white colour branches as if telling not to harm or cut.Trees are mostly common with the trunks resemble to crocodile and cheetah skin, standing tall like a protector of the jungle. Eventually ride came to an end with a wonderful sight of ‘herd of deers’ standing to protect themselves from the wild dogs.

Sagun Trees
Herd of deers

After 2 hour of adventurous ride our day ended with the Bonfire, listening melodious music- sitting beside the river in a mild chilled weather,midst of all this the sound of water hitting our ears like taal of beena .Must say jungle is the best place to escape from Covid 19

While returning back we saw chambal ghatis which was our Enroute attraction. These ghatis is renowned ghatis of India for most popular dacoit Phulan Devi. It’s bright yellow colour tillas in the middle of chambal river, where people residing depict the serenity phase of the lives .

Chambal ghats

Recommend to visit once amid nature and greenery-Madhya Pradesh.

Friendship is an investment hence hidden somewhere in the core journey of life

Friendship is a beautiful poem in the journey of life. The lines depict trustworthiness, love, entertainment, happiness and relaxant make this word more pure and real.

The poem can beautifully written, expressed and one instinct can easily picturise the wordings of poem likewise friendship is also very well expressed, praiseworthy and easily comprehend ,comparatively to other relations. Friends are never ending chapter of life. Sorrow, happiness and crisis are accompanied by the same.

FRIENDS-friends -remain -in -endless- drive of relations .

However it is hidden somewhere in the core due to business and envy, part this relation from ones life

Flash back -School’s or college days were very much relaxed, calm with no worries of future and pals are like right hand, besties of emotions and like road which never ends consoling not to leave in the midstream of life. Eating, playing and laughing together took a valuable space in this phase of life and promising to share the same by the besties forever.

Nowadays 9 to 5 kind of job wiped away the name ‘friend’ from the Daily Schedule moreover everyone is running with the same pace as if the time get slip out from the fist and leaving all of them behind . Calling and inviting friends for dinner and reciprocate the same become an obligation pretending as an investment due to which friend and ship is splitting.

Laughing, sharing, listening ,partying ,loving and helping needs a word friend or else it may get hide somewhere in the room of darkness

“Save this investment for the future” and take out some time to redeem otherwise it get dissipate.

Explore the ‘Land of Ravana’ by side of Indian Ocean

The beauty never ends in the depth of the sea, in the twilight , in the mass of hills and valleys, in the procession of stars twinkling in the moonlight and in the dawn light of sunshine .

The land with ‘is’ surrounded by Indian Ocean and sun setting in the twilight adding glimpse of vibrant colour to the sea. The cool breeze by the beach side rejuvenate my breathe and waves sounds like a slow music to my ears sitting in the moonlight.

Kendy-Place of heaven:My experience to this place filled with speech of words. It is the small hills station amidst the mountain ranges and prominent for its scenic beauty. Greenery and nature embracing with both hands and pulling my soul towards ,the night filled with clear sky wrapping the blanket of countless stars hence curb the moment to stay forever .

Nuwraeliya-Passing through this side took my breathe away. Green covered mountain ,v shaped valleys, stream of rivers flowing , sun kissing mountains, tea garden put on the blanket of green leaves ,wipes off the drenched from the body.

Ramboda Falls-Its an eye catching view gives the refreshing vibes when water pouring from the mountain like a milky fall making the breeze cool with the droplets of water .

Temples-Hindu temple of Srilanka depict the history of India where sita was kidnapped by the demon ravana. Sri hanuman rescued the sita from the trap of ravana, leaving the foot imprint in this place of worship. Sri bhakt temple is a hanuman temple which is located amid the nature surrounded by meadows, landscape and peace. To reach the temple one has to follow 100 to 150 stairs.

Dutch fort -Dutch fort situated long back and made up of granite stone. Best place to take a day off in the restro on the road side facing the beach, serves yummylicious delicacies with a romantic dining follow with slow melodious music eventually brings my journey to stop.

Shopping basket-Models, mask, gems are authentic hand made piece of wood and stones with natural colour renowned for their uniqueness and zodiac. Country specialised in beautiful, cut, shaped and moulded gems can add value to the jewel of necklace,rings and earrings moreover expertise in manufacturing porcelain crockery Noritake .Tea leaves and spices are aromatic can be added to the basket.

Lastly, my travel coach is a very impressive personality, kind hearted man with smiling face made my journey more joyful and relaxed. Cleanliness, peace, friendly environment and serene people make this country more exclusive and exotic thus worth one visit.

Two Quarter of pandemic…… Spent well -off

I got up one day panicking and raging towards the circumstances where in the virus wandering around, bring into being the pandemic all over the world.Does it a matter of15 days? But then days converted into months and could be years .Thinking of lockdown,isolation and quarantine gave me goose bumps and insight for something worst going to arise ,in addition to this, year passing as a night mare for me and it makes me busy bee of my house, running after all household chores keeping hold on me and the curb refusing me to be drawn in liveliness

All of a sudden some secret skills pops up within me forcing my solitude to go ahead with it.

Planting-Greenery took the corner in my balcony.Watering and feeding plants become my task whose result I can see on my lucky charm who got branches to flourish ,hence plants enjoying their well off days by chattering and blabbering with each other ,moreover the old monk got a new space with an amulet blooming on its head trying to lighten my all 5 senses with glad.

Baking-Astoninshig! the skill pops -up and I tried hands on some dessert delicacies .The taste, flavour and texture took the shape of cookies, ice creams and mousse .

Reading -Gives me sudden push ,aid in building my own vocab dictionary. Lockdown reading involves ‘ life what you make it’,’who will cry when u die’ and presently reading the third one.

Workout is another piece of colour in my life ,makes me happy and can thrive with it/without it my color become wither and bland.

Pickling, As this summer vacation my visit is on halt to moms place so tried hands on moms recipe of pickle , though not my cup of tea

Above companions keep me busy through out this period, inside the four wall of protection and few more steps away from phone and social media which give mental peace and mental peace is vital for human nature it comes in small portion like a hail ,however eradicated in seconds ,so very much required and give strength to mind which further help to sustain in this pandemic session ,therefore praying and hoping for brighter dayz ahead.

Y o g a-Bless the body

Four words of magic Y-Youthfulness ,O-Optimisim, G-grudgelessness, A-An aura to serenity

Yoga depicts the nature of human-Patience, Calm and Good temper altogether make a combo and plays vital role in performing yoga. Mental illness ,Depression and Anxiety are bad pal of individual ,the same can be abandoned and vanished from ‘Box of thoughts’ie mind, by yoga.

Asanas occupied the place in human body however elasticity of the same may vary from body to body posture.. are as follows

Suryanamaskar-is the bow to the sun, thanking for this another day of sunshine

Vraksh Asan(Tree posture) -Standing like a tree and balancing the whole body like a branches balancing on the trunk and shielding the inner feeling, perceptions ,insight like a tree from the anonymous thoughts entering like a pelting stones.

BhujangAsan(Cobra Posture) -fearless upright posture like a cobra with whole stretched arms lengthen the shoulders, abdomen, arms, spines and muscles feel relaxed therefore gives the signal to remain healthy and fit

Uttanpadhasan-Making 45degree acute angle similar to an elevated boat posture emit pressure on the abdomen muscles and shaping the same

Chakrasan-Asan forming the chakra stretches and picking the weight of whole body eventually judging the arms strength.

Dhanurashan (Bow Posture) -Make a posture of falling from the sky beyond gravity and balancing on the abdomen befit the digestion .

Pranayam-Alom Vilom- The game of breathe: inhale the positive vibes, exhale the negative energy and hold the breathe.Enchanting Om with longevity vibrates all the 5 senses apparently chattering and promising each other to be relaxed, passing the aura of positivity to brain.      

       In this eternal journey of yoga I regain the flexibility, elasticity of muscles,  optimsitic attitude and restore the youth fullness Must say …..addiction is the worst fellow nevertheless mine is  good to adopt.

‘Sowing the Seed of Optimism’ — eateriesofideas

Contemplation’s of life inspires me to write…….. i have always been thoughtful and outcome of my thoughts have either been positive or negative .My side of Optimism speaks that I am the strong part of your thoughts , keep me forever in your mind and I can only bring good fortune,delight,prosperity and Felicity to you. […]

‘Sowing the Seed of Optimism’ — eateriesofideas

Whats App

Time is a GREAT FOLLOWER of whats app which furnish its presence for this friendly oriented app in short intermission, can be accessible in one single tap.

Informant#Educating#Cognisant binds the people altogether in networking group arouse the stream of resonating, sharing pictures, persuasion profusely .Whats app encourages the’ line of work’ world wide and Rising the users however sometimes it give profound notion of TIME EATERS which again waive off when some interesting information HIT on whats app notification , spontaneous lust within utters to open the app and see the message

Better keep growing with whats app , stagnancy leads to the trail of words-non existence, life less, spirit less and lack lusting


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